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What is the ADCON Wiki?

Welcome to the ADCON Wiki! - If you are looking for answers to specific problems, need general technical support, want to get some insider information on Adcon products, need a manual, or just want to browse the FAQ section, then this is the right place to go!

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Messagebox warning.png Caution: Please do not upgrade your JAVA 8 to JAVA 9. JAVA 9 seems not to be backwards compatible with our products A850 GUI and RTU GUI.!!

Messagebox warning.png Caution: Check the APRO Server Health Panel, weekly. If still working with Version 6.5 or earlier version, make sure your backup is ok and verified!!

Messagebox info.png Note: IMPORTANT UPGRADE for APRO 6.4 available - PLEASE UPGRADE

Info for remote support - Teamviewer

General Software and Firmware Overview


APRO 6.x APRO 6.x
APRO 4/5.x Miscellaneous Outdated
APRO6.6 ECOLOG / MIS Import General Infos about APRO5 RTU GUI version 1.2.x addVANTAGE 3.46
HSQL database Info
APRO 6.4 - BEE addVANTAGE Pro 5.4 RTU GUI version 1.0 and 1.1 A2A addUPI-to-ASCII
APRO6.4 / LiveData addVANTAGE Pro 5.3 Recommended software tools OPC Server
APRO6.3 addVANTAGE Pro 5.1 Script File samples for APRO and others A740 Configurator
APRO6.2 addVANTAGE Pro 5 Tips and Tricks and Know How addVANTAGE LITE
General infos about APRO6.x (6.0, 6.1,6.2 .... APRO5 Extensions addVANTAGE Pro 4.3
Detailed infos about APRO6.x addVANTAGE Pro 5.X How to's
Extension manual 6.x [1]
APRO6.2 Administrator manual[2] addVANTAGE Pro 5.X How to's (Deutsch)
APRO6.2 User manual [3]
APRO6 How To
Interpreting APRO LOG file information



Gateways / Receivers

Discontinued Gateway types (no firmware updates available)

Accessories / Tools / Adapters / Sensors / Hardware

Adapter / Accessories
Analog Sensors SDI-12 Sensors Sensors General Tools
ACS110 Battery Charger Sensor Requirements Basics SDI-12 Info
and Sensors
Pulse Counter Sensors Led Tool
A553 Digital I/O Extension Box Analog Sensors A515 Compass Sensor Sensor maintenance Installation equipment
A513/A514 Modbus adapter A516 GPS Sensor with Compass Digital Sensors A720SC and A720USC, Adcon serial communication cable
A508 Windmax A517 Soil moisture sensor FAQ's about Sensors A511 Sensor Test Box
A908 Low Power Voltage Booster for OTT Sensors WS502-UMB/WS302-UMB A503 RTU Interface Tester or Info on WWW.ADCON.AT
A917 Voltage Booster for Aquaspy A506 SDI-12 Adapter A910 Solar Panel Tester
A502 4-20mA Converter OTT RLS Sensor Serial connector Flasher for Series 3
(A440 / A733/ A732 / A731/ A723 / A724
Batteries Ponsel Sensors USB Flasher for Series 3 Flasher
for Windows 7/8/10
A510 Data Display
Wavecom External GSM Modem
A922 Power Supply Adapter
A925 Protection Board

RMA (All about repairs)

Trouble Shooting


Installation Info and Pictures

APRO Weather Links

APRO Demo Server LiveData Map [4] LiveData Map View / Overview
APRO Demo Server LiveData List [5] LiveData List View / Overview
Adcon Weather Station
[6] LiveData Direct Link
Muckendorf Public Trend [7] Public Trend
Muckendorf Live Data [8] LiveData Direct Link
Stockerau Weather Info Text [9]
WAP Link


Online Trainings / Webinars

Messagebox info.png Note: NEXT TRAINING WEBINAR: GPRS connection parameter - 2017-11-29 / 4pm TZ vienna.

 Part 1 
Information (~30 to 45 Minutes)
Part 2
Question and Discussions (~15 to 30 Minutes)

To join the online training, answer to the invitation email
as soon as possible, at least 24 hours before the training
starts, including the details

- your email address
- your name
- company or organisation name

For further details and the last minute login follow the
LINK Online Training

Adcon Terminology

A comprehensive list with proper explanations can be found here.

Emulation software for addVANTAGE 3.45 to allow local and radio communication via a serial or telnet interface. This interface was used for all communication between addVANTAGE and the A730SD receiver. It was also implemented into the A840 Telemetry Gateway for those who wanted to use it with addVANTAGE 3.45 rather than addVANTAGE Pro. It is no longer implemented in the new A850 Telemetry Gateway, and is no longer supported or developed.
Remote Transmission Unit, such as A733, A723, A740. This term refers to both radio (UHF) and GSM/GPRS devices.
Line of Sight. When manufacturers of radios talk about transmission distances, they always refer to unobstructed Line of Sight transmissions. The distances that can actually be achieved vary greatly, depending on lots of circumstances, such as the installation height of the RTU and the receiver, obstacles between the two (trees, mountains, power lines, buildings, ...), atmospheric conditions and others. So please don't take LoS transmission distance for granted for your specific installation!
Device identifier: this is the serial number of an RTU
Graphical User Interface
Command Line Interface
Sensor Supply Time, this is the time a sensor requires to provide a stable output. For most Adcon sensors this is typically 2 seconds or less.
Averaging Time of the RTU
Request for RTU data


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